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A business is successful only because of its customers. Have you ever felt so happy with somebodies service that you wanted to commend them on their work? Alternatively, you may have been frustrated, or furious at how poorly some businesses can treat their customers. When faced with such a situation, it can be difficult to know where you can share your experience.

After all, whether you feel happy, or don't with your experience, then you may want to share it with somebody else. Thanks to customer satisfaction surveys, now customers can be heard. Whether you are dissatisfied with the services, want to offer a few suggestions, or want to share your experience, you can now do so without any trouble. Customer satisfaction survey is an excellent tool for companies as well, as they can reach out to a large population for their opinions and concerns.

With modern day technology being what it is, it is not very difficult for companies to reach out to people all over the city, state, and even the country. An MCDVoice survey is a standard tool, and they help the companies receive reviews from a customer at little to no additional cost. So, they can improve and work on their shortcomings as well as polish their skills, without any additional charges.

What Are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

A customer satisfaction survey forms a bridge between the company and the customer. The bigger the company, the more difficult it becomes for the customers to express their needs and wants, the gap between them gets wider every day. With the help of a customer satisfaction survey, a company is able to reach a wide range of audience to assess how well or poorly they are performing. It is not just big companies who may be able to make use of this tool. Smaller companies, too, can profit with the help of feedback.

Positive feedback helps strengthen morale and show appreciation of the services offered by the company. The company can use negative feedback as a training tool and sign to work on their relations with the customers.

What is Mcdonalds?

Mcdonalds is one of the most widely known fast-food chains. They have served their customers for several decades, in over 123 countries and 20,000 locations worldwide. This fast-food chain has grown like no other, and its service is unparalleled. The fast-food chain was founded in 1930 by Colonel Sanders who had started out by selling fried chicken from his roadside shop in Kentucky. Now, it is the second largest food chain in the world.

The unique recipe for their classic fried chicken, which uses 11 herbs and one spice, is a notable trade secret. While they have since their inception expanded their menu quite a bit, their classic fried chicken is still what comes to mind when customers think of Mcdonalds. Through their dedication to the customers, this company has been able to earn the trust of its loyal customers and has been able to open operations all around the world. They have been able to spread their magic to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America and Oceania. Now, almost anywhere you go, you will be able to find a Mcdonalds store waiting to serve you.

What Is Mcdvoice Survey?

Mcdvoice is the survey tool which is used by Mcdonalds restaurant. As the company has been in this business for a long time, it is safe to assume that they have built a healthy relationship with their customers. It is because of their appreciation and loyalty that the company has been able to stay up running for almost nine decades. Hence, it is no wonder that the fast-food chain wants to uphold their dedication to their customers by making sure that they hear the concerns of the customers. With the help of Mcdvoice, the company is allowing their customers to voice their opinions and ensuring that they attend to the interests or complaints of their customers. By taking the customer’s views into account, this company is able to express their dedication to their customers much clearly.

With every receipt that you receive from Mcdonalds, you get a code and an invitation to fill out their online survey. Only the opportunity to be able to contact the company with their concerns would be enough, but for Mcdonalds also offers additional benefits for filling out their surveys.

Any customer who has successfully filled out the Mcdvoice survey is also eligible to receive benefits such as special offers and discounts. This means that more and more people will want to fill out the Mcdonalds survey and give their feedback to the company. If you, too, want to share your feedback about the company, all you have to do is visit the site, and you will be able to share your concerns with the company.

You are eligible for the survey only if you have a valid store location near you. Make sure that you have a secure and stable internet connection so that you may be able to fill out the survey without any problems at all. Once you visit the site, you will be asked to enter the store location about which you want to share your feedback. Then, you will be prompted to enter the survey code which should be printed out on your receipt. However, if you do not find a survey code, or if you cannot find your receipt, you do not need to worry. There is a provision of a link for those customers who wish to share their experience with the company without a survey code.

Once you have successfully entered the required information on the homepage, it will direct you to the survey page. Here, you will be prompted to fill in questions regarding your visit to the fast food shop and what you thought could be improved as well as what you enjoyed about your visit.

After you have filled in the survey using your validation or survey code, you will be eligible to receive discounts on your next purchase at mcdonalds. This offer is applicable for the duration of a month and customers can visit the same Mcdonalds location to use it. If even after the survey, you still have questions or some other feedback; you can visit the Mcdonalds site to leave any other suggestions that you may still have. Just click on the “contact us” tab and you will be able to leave your feedback.

Tinder for PC Download Latest App on Windows (10/8.1/7) Laptop and Mac

Tinder for PC Download: Tinder is one of the most popular apps for hanging out with strangers. Tinder is becoming much popular these days and many people just like you are finding out ways to use Tinder For PC. Tinder is much easy to use rather than any other dating app available online. Till now Tinder has more than 500+ million active user and growing day by day.

There is no doubt that tinder is growing day by day and might be all your friends and family members will be on it, tracking your activities. It might or might not be but who knows about it except themselves. To get Tinder For PC users you may follow the Tutorial given below.

How to Download Tinder for PC/Laptop on Windows:

These days many people are searching for ways to get Tinder On PC. There might be many ways of using Tinder For PC but only working method is using Tinder For PC with the help of Android Emulator on your Windows PC. Here we recommend using Bluestacks and AndyRoid - Android Emulators for Windows PC and will be giving a brief on using them to Install Tinder For Windows Users. Also, get Best Apps for PC

Tinder for PC Download with Using Andyroid:

So, in this method, you are going to learn How-To use Tinder On PC using Andyroid Android Emulator on your Windows PC. If you want to use Tinder On PC using Bluestacks then you may proceed to method 2 directly.

Best Photo Editor Apps for Android & Windows for 2019

Whether you love photography or just a hobby, everyone loves to have great looking pictures.  There are many ways by which you can edit your pictures and add quality in your images.  You can easily download it from the app stores. These photo editing applications have lots of features and are very powerful photo editing tools which you must have on your devices. All the top rated five apps are premium apps but are worth paying.

  1. B612 App

B612 latest APK 8.3.7 (31080307) is a camera app that was particularly made for taking selfies. This app is available in many platforms. It is not surprising for the fact that it as a good amount of filters compared to other apps. Yes! b612 App filters are best and each filter is amazing and can successfully beautify a photo, which is a plus point.

  1. Awesome miniature pro

This is the best app for photographers and this one is also a premium app. Addicts of tilt shift can download this app from play store and add depth on your photographers quickly after focus. You can also adjust blurs and certainly tilt coverage. There are several other features such as filters. Color, basic exposure, vignetting and borders can be directly applied on your photographs wit this app

  1. PicsPlay Pro

This is the top rated app which is a premium app and will assist you in retaining the quality of the photographs. So far this one is the best photo editing app. It has a feature of FX studio which can filter two hundred filters' maximum. In ten distinct filters are separated in different categories so that the users won’t find any difficulty in finding things. You can edit, crop rotate etc. color them, adjust exposure, borders and vignetting.

  1. photos naked

This app lets users create a photo collage. It is very simple to use choose a photo which you want to edit and switch randomly between different arrangements by just shaking your tablet and phone. There are plenty of papers which you can choose as a background and move your pictures within frames. After editing your pictures you can easily share them on your social networking sites for everyone to watch your pictures. The app also has a feature by which you can add speech balloons and stickers.

  1. Touch Retouch

This app has all the features of the same free app but also has a feature of clone stamp. This feature provides the picture with a clearer look even after deleting few elements of the picture. Other features include the saving of EXIF data, 1:1 image view and much more. The best part of downloading this app on your devices is that there are no ads in the images and all the pictures are saved in the folders with a full resolution thus retaining the photo quality.

PlayBox for PC With Using of Bluestaks Android Emulator

Playbox is an app which allows users to watch TV Shows and movies free of cost on their Android smartphones. With this app, you can get to view all your pending movies and Tv shows which you generally miss out on due to lack of time. To keep update new episodes with your favorite Tv program or new movie release you can use this app for free. It will allow you carry entertainment around with you so that the next time you have an incredibly long journey back home or if you are stuck in traffic on your way to work, all you need is your fully charged phone to watch a movie in HD.

How to Download PlayBox for PC on Windows (7/8.1/10):

It is simple to download your favorite films and serials, videos and all it requires is a speedy internet connection and good, functional Android device. With PlayBox HD App you can choose from the options of videos quality which is appropriate to your device. You can also choose HD if you want.

There is no official version of Playbox on Google play store. But there are other ways and methods to easily get it on your device.

There is more to Playbox than mobile phone versions, you can even use Playbox app on your personal computer or laptops and watch the same movies and videos you watch on your android devices and iPhones on a much bigger screen. In this article, instead of showing you the mobile/ android phone version, we will be showing you the method of downloading Playbox for your Windows PC.

Steps Download PlayBox for PC/Laptop:

Getting Playbox on Android and iPhone is easier than downloading it on PC because android download gets done in one main step. For PC download, however, we will need to go through an additional step to get Playbox because we need to get an android emulator i.e Bluestacks first.

Now you have Android ready for use on your PC. With this, you can use any android app or play any android game on your PC. But since we need Playbox for PC, we will proceed with the following steps.

Showbox For PC Download - Windows 7, 8, 10.1, Xp | Download Showbox Apk

The remarkable mobile and pc application Showbox is one of the best approaches to access your favorite range of media. Earlier, the application was particularly meant for Android platforms. However, with so many emulators introduce Showbox for PC download, you can easily have the application installed on your laptop and personal computers. It is quite easy to have the application installed on your Windows and, Mac laptop.

What is Showbox all about?

Showbox for PC

The magnificent application conveniently covers all the parameters of digital entertainment. It is packed with breathtaking features and innovative intricacies for giving next level fun to the users. With the standalone application, you can enjoy your favorite Hollywood movies whenever you feel like without paying any money. In fact, you can download the movies and watch them later on without any disruption or poor content quality. The flawless HD movies and television shows can give you amazing User experience.

Why do people go for Showbox PC download?

Sharing, and downloading movies besides, free live streaming facility.

Reliance Jio Set Top Box | DTH OFFER Launching in INDIA

You must have all about heard about the JioCompany. It has made a huge demand all over the world in its data SIM as well as in its phone. Now the all new jio setup box is about to enter the world to rock. Yes, it is planning to launch all of its JIO DTH services in short span of time. The set top box is already and the launching of both Jio DTH and broadband services is expected to be come up in the market together. It is coming exclusively for all JIO lovers who loved their data services and wanted to have more of it.

Launching of JIO DTH

The launching of its DTH services is expected soon. It can hit the market anytime in 2017. By making all the Jio data users satisfied with free data and free calling, this company is going to provide some exciting offers in its DTH services as well. You can get to know all about the jio setup box online, its prices, the launch date and much more. At the same time the Jio broadband service will also be launch that is promising to offer the 1Gbps of speed by making use of the optical technology of fiber. This sounds really exciting for all around.

Offering of smarts setup box

The jio setup box will be entirely different than of other companies. It is planning to offer the smart box with the Jio broadband connection so that it will be able in providing the high data speed and everyone will be able to watch the online TV channels with the same setup box of Jio. It is working on its broadband services and their cables of optical fiber are getting grounded in different cities. They are about to launch their services very soon. Some people are even looking out for the answers as can they make online booking of its setup box, then answer to that is yes, they can.

Make Music Your Passion And Enjoy It Where Ever You Want - GarageBand


TWe all love to listen music and when you get a chance to create it; this becomes a blessing to us. Today this is going to be possible with the garageband apk and that would let you get through the best process of composing and listening music. This is the application which would help in composing and listening your own music easily in the best possible way. This indeed an application that one would surely love across the globe to create without any problems. You are not going to get confused with any of the creativity and would surely get the best out of it.


Install GarageBand On PC


What can you do with that?


Installing Garageband on Windows PC which is going to help you make music, edit music and play with music with this application. The application is truly magical and is a paradise for all those who are music lovers. It is like a dream come true to one who wants to make yourself a famous in music sector.


One significant thing that you can do is to mix and match two sounds in the application and make it the best of your creativity.  This application will let you with some of the musical instruments that are provided in the application. This is really going to let you not discard as a casual application



How can you get the application in your android phone?


This application is being launched by Apple and is not really a play store. Indeed this is legally accredited to acquire the application. The garage band can be downloaded by the apk download and is one of the easiest way to bring on this app. probably this is the safest and is considered to be the most legal way. You can also acquire it as quickly as possible in the browsing services like Google or any other that you can see. This is just going to allow us to download the application from other external sources.


The application is mandatory that your phones allow downloading from the external source for APK Download in phone. This will grant permission and if you don’t want the step, the installation will not take place and you cannot get this app. This will find series of apk files related to the search and there will be ocean of apk opened in front of you. Most significant, you can take a chance and enable yourself to search or browse the desired search engine. You can just type the garageband apk and will find a series of apk files relating to the search. Then after you will get many without any confusion for selecting the one which you like.


Underground Networks

Here, you start to get the money rolling in. You know where to go to place your ads. You get the straight access to sure money network. The under the radar network that has the most profitable European market. You get best-targeted tracking that makes AdWords look out of date.

CPA goes cellular

Here, you get two mobile CPA networks nobody knows a lot about. The unique mobile optimized squeeze pages for pulling cash lists at great speed. And the unique YouTube for mobile video preselling strategy.

Pay Per Call Profits

Here, you will be able to spot the highest converting pay per call offers. You will be able to target your ads to the exact times of the day to get the uttermost responses from all offers you promote.

Mobile Is The Next Best Thing


Tonnes of money making media exist online. Ranking keywords on websites, Advertising from blogs, Google’s adsense, Article writings and so on. If you have tried either or all of this and still have not gotten a hang on where to make your bucks, it’s time to move on!  I tell you what, mobile money is the way to go for you. Let me tell you why. The Mobile Monopoly is the new way of distributing money. Ever since the collapse of in the early 90s, this is the next best thing!


You do not need those technical know-hows that drive most money-making ventures online. There are no outrageously hyped guru tricks to learn. No SEO, Media buying, PPC or any such thing to know. You don’t even need a mobile phone! Shocking? All you need is a few bucks in your money box to kick off your campaigns right about now!


And why should you trust this? Online is going Mobile! Even esteemed Google has recognized this trend, buying the Android OS and investing in Mobile ventures. Imagine, Google calls itself now ‘Mobile First’ rather than its well acclaimed biggest search engine appellation. Saying that in the next 3 years, desktops will be immaterial.


Even Apple is now a Mobile company and no longer wish to be just a computer company. The number of people who use mobile phones now amount to 5 billion. 51 million plus of this lot are smart phone surfers. And 91% Americans keep their cell phones within 3 feet distance of themselves.  Over half of all new internet subscribers subscribe on smartphones. And your ad is going to be the only one on the page. So you have to take the advantage now before others get over you on it.


What Would You Get With Mobile Monopoly?


And more. Mobile Email Marketing and Done For You Proven Campaign works for all phones in all countries. You can run all from your computer just as any Internet Marketing Campaign. Only that you are reaching a market that is 5times bigger through their mobile phones. You can start a number of these courses right away without any money. Some networks like AdMob require about 50bucks to start. You can start with the free networks and work your way to the paid ones later.



Get Mobile: If you get mobile, you get to target the mobile power users quickly and automatically.
List Leapfrog: I learnt this the hard way. But this is a much better way to get people to buy from you.
ClickBank Unplugged: Most marketers assume ClickBank won’t keep working. But it is the one thing you must include in your first email to your new email list.
Amazon On The Airways: You will get when to promote Amazon products instead of a Clickbank or CPA. And why you would still get paid by Amazon even if the people you refer don’t buy anything from them.
Main Street Goes Mobile: You will learn how to approach local businesses to set up a campaign for them and have them pay you between $500-1000 dollars a month.
Smartphone Stampede: Here, you stream past the competition, get more downloads and reap in hundreds and thousands a day. All by giving your app for free. You will get that website that tricks out apps with profit-pulling ads. You will also get to know the website that helps you create your own iPhone app in 27 sec or less.
Mobile Music Money: Is a direct link that is mobile optimized. It helps you directly promote artists on iTunes with a few clicks. iTunes would compile a list of leads for you and help you approach artists that are ready to give you 30% of their iTunes music sales profit instantly.

There are also Mobile CPA campaigns that can run for keywords with One Penny per click. In conclusion, business opportunities abound for you in Mobile Monopoly and other online sources. You only need to take the bull by the horn and go full throttle for it!

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