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A business is successful only because of its customers. Have you ever felt so happy with somebodies service that you wanted to commend them on their work? Alternatively, you may have been frustrated, or furious at how poorly some businesses can treat their customers. When faced with such a situation, it can be difficult to know where you can share your experience.

After all, whether you feel happy, or don't with your experience, then you may want to share it with somebody else. Thanks to customer satisfaction surveys, now customers can be heard. Whether you are dissatisfied with the services, want to offer a few suggestions, or want to share your experience, you can now do so without any trouble. Customer satisfaction survey is an excellent tool for companies as well, as they can reach out to a large population for their opinions and concerns.

With modern day technology being what it is, it is not very difficult for companies to reach out to people all over the city, state, and even the country. An MCDVoice survey is a standard tool, and they help the companies receive reviews from a customer at little to no additional cost. So, they can improve and work on their shortcomings as well as polish their skills, without any additional charges.

What Are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

A customer satisfaction survey forms a bridge between the company and the customer. The bigger the company, the more difficult it becomes for the customers to express their needs and wants, the gap between them gets wider every day. With the help of a customer satisfaction survey, a company is able to reach a wide range of audience to assess how well or poorly they are performing. It is not just big companies who may be able to make use of this tool. Smaller companies, too, can profit with the help of feedback.

Positive feedback helps strengthen morale and show appreciation of the services offered by the company. The company can use negative feedback as a training tool and sign to work on their relations with the customers.

What is Mcdonalds?

Mcdonalds is one of the most widely known fast-food chains. They have served their customers for several decades, in over 123 countries and 20,000 locations worldwide. This fast-food chain has grown like no other, and its service is unparalleled. The fast-food chain was founded in 1930 by Colonel Sanders who had started out by selling fried chicken from his roadside shop in Kentucky. Now, it is the second largest food chain in the world.

The unique recipe for their classic fried chicken, which uses 11 herbs and one spice, is a notable trade secret. While they have since their inception expanded their menu quite a bit, their classic fried chicken is still what comes to mind when customers think of Mcdonalds. Through their dedication to the customers, this company has been able to earn the trust of its loyal customers and has been able to open operations all around the world. They have been able to spread their magic to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, North America and Oceania. Now, almost anywhere you go, you will be able to find a Mcdonalds store waiting to serve you.

What Is Mcdvoice Survey?

Mcdvoice is the survey tool which is used by Mcdonalds restaurant. As the company has been in this business for a long time, it is safe to assume that they have built a healthy relationship with their customers. It is because of their appreciation and loyalty that the company has been able to stay up running for almost nine decades. Hence, it is no wonder that the fast-food chain wants to uphold their dedication to their customers by making sure that they hear the concerns of the customers. With the help of Mcdvoice, the company is allowing their customers to voice their opinions and ensuring that they attend to the interests or complaints of their customers. By taking the customer’s views into account, this company is able to express their dedication to their customers much clearly.

With every receipt that you receive from Mcdonalds, you get a code and an invitation to fill out their online survey. Only the opportunity to be able to contact the company with their concerns would be enough, but for Mcdonalds also offers additional benefits for filling out their surveys.

Any customer who has successfully filled out the Mcdvoice survey is also eligible to receive benefits such as special offers and discounts. This means that more and more people will want to fill out the Mcdonalds survey and give their feedback to the company. If you, too, want to share your feedback about the company, all you have to do is visit the site, and you will be able to share your concerns with the company.

You are eligible for the survey only if you have a valid store location near you. Make sure that you have a secure and stable internet connection so that you may be able to fill out the survey without any problems at all. Once you visit the site, you will be asked to enter the store location about which you want to share your feedback. Then, you will be prompted to enter the survey code which should be printed out on your receipt. However, if you do not find a survey code, or if you cannot find your receipt, you do not need to worry. There is a provision of a link for those customers who wish to share their experience with the company without a survey code.

Once you have successfully entered the required information on the homepage, it will direct you to the survey page. Here, you will be prompted to fill in questions regarding your visit to the fast food shop and what you thought could be improved as well as what you enjoyed about your visit.

After you have filled in the survey using your validation or survey code, you will be eligible to receive discounts on your next purchase at mcdonalds. This offer is applicable for the duration of a month and customers can visit the same Mcdonalds location to use it. If even after the survey, you still have questions or some other feedback; you can visit the Mcdonalds site to leave any other suggestions that you may still have. Just click on the “contact us” tab and you will be able to leave your feedback.


Survey tools are an efficient way to be able to receive quick feedback from customers. It helps different companies know their advantages, while also working on their faults. By making use of the internet, the customers are able to reach out to customers all over the world without having to spend an excessive amount to receive their opinions. An online survey is especially useful when a company is starting out or has opened its operations in a new location. With the Mcdvoice, the growing fast-food chain Mcdonalds is reaching out to customers for support and suggestions. Not only does this give the customers an opportunity to be heard but also strengthens the relationship they have with the company. Additionally, the filling out the Mcdvoice survey is not just advantageous for the company only; customers receive discounts and special offers on their next Mcdonalds order after they have filled out the survey successfully.

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